• Made in Italy

    All our products are designed and made in our headquarters in Filottrano, Italy, with italian fabrics. Our company is in the fashion business since the 70’s. Check out our website www.sartoriadifilottrano.it

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  • Sustainable

    Our clothes are made from biodegradable green fabrics that follow the natural decomposition process of the human body

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  • Functional

    Our clothes are specially designed to ease the dressing and designed to fit the physical characteristics of the body

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the collection of funeral garments for womens includes classic suits, both in... 



the collection of funeral garments for men includes classic suits, both in... 

Tradition and Innovation

We understand how delicate and emotional it is to prepare and dress the dead body of a person we loved for the final farewell of friends and family, so we have opted for a subtle approach that allows the family to make this process more bearable, and at the same time eco-friendly, by using our biodegradable garments to go along with the body on its final journey on this earth.

We don't want to put an end to the tradition, simply adjust it to the present day.

Bio Collection

Everything you need

Our collection also includes shoes and accessories such as ties, scarves and practical underwear sets for both men and women

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about us

Who we are

Tanatoshop is a brand of Sartoria di Filottrano, a company that has been providing tailor-made clothing for funeral homes and other businesses since 2008.

You can visit our site at www.sartoriadifilottrano.it

What we do

We are tailors since 1979.

If your funeral home wants to get a restyle of your uniform you can check out our site www.sartoriadifilottrano.it

We offer a premium tailor-made service which includes all kind of clothing and accessories

Where we are

We are located in Italy, in the beautiful Marche region. Specifically in Filottrano, in via dell'industria 26/A