who we are

tanatoshop is new in its digital form, but it was certainly not born yesterday!

The story begins in 2008 when Gilberto and Adriana enter the world of clothing for funeral honors with their small company, Sartoria di Filottrano, and forty years of experience in the fashion industry. It was an environment unknown to them, in a period of great uncertainty and in the midst of a serious global economic crisis. Not without difficulty they manage to make their way and little by little the company finds its place in the funeral world by offering a tailor-made product of the highest quality. It is in this climate of fervor and renewal that one day the spring is released.

- What if we made a dress for the dead? - well, tanatoshop was born that very day, from an idea on the edge between brilliant intuition and a goliardic joke. It wasn't called tanatoshop, it wasn't on the web, but it was already born. During 2020 (in full pandemic) we decide to face this new challenge on the web. This is how, also thanks to the new generations, that somewhat daring idea comes to life with the name of tanatoshop.