why choose us


We want that funeral services are decisive, so we offer the possibility of creating your own stock of clothing and accessories that meet the needs of the departed relatives..

Either because the relatives can not or do not want to use the clothing that is in the possession of the dead, for religious or creed reasons; due to illness or due to the urgent need to move it from the region.



We think in terms of efficiency, that is why our designs are specially elaborated to facilitate the dressing of the dead, and designed to adapt to their physical characteristics. .

Our bellows design on the back has been made to adapt to different fits, in case of unexpected changes in the physiognomy of the deceased.

Furthermore, the composition of the biodeagradable fabric allows the use of the suits during the cremation of the body.



We want the return trip to earth to be sustainable, which is why we are supporters of green funerals. Just like Luke Perry, who chose a biodegradable tunic for his passing, many people have begun to see their final wishes through a greener vision, taking the opportunity to help protect the environment when they die. This natural approach to funerals has led to an increase in green funeral ceremonies.

Our garments are in tune with environmental awareness, which is why they are made from biodegradable plant fabrics such as viscose, a natural-based material obtained from cellulose derived from wood pulp, which accompanies the natural decomposition process of the human body.

These characteristics make our garments suitable for both burial and burial and have certification of suitability for use in crematory ovens. Thanks to laboratory tests, in fact, we have analyzed both the ashes and the fumes emitted during cremation and we have confirmed the total absence of harmful substances such as heavy metals and volatile organic solvents.