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Men's Biodegradabile Suit

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Dress for a woman's corpse

Biodegradable Line in Natural Fabric for an Ecological Funeral

Dress features:

  • classic 3 buttons jacket
  • natural viscose fabric biodegradable
  • the dress yes degrades 5 times faster than normal polyester
  • certificate for cremation: fabrics, fumes and ashes are free of harmful toxic substances (laboratory tested)
  • special design that facilitates the dressing of the body and adapts to the body of the deceased


Our line of clothing for the deceased is perfect in all those cases in which the deceased gained or lost weight rapidly, or in the event of death away from their municipality or residence, or simply for those families who want to see their dear deceased in the most elegant and decorous way possible.



All our garments are designed and manufactured with the aim of helping the funeral operator in dressing the deceased. The back of the jacket and trousers has a bellows that widens as needed, to facilitate the operation in the presence of rigor mortis. It is no longer necessary to use scissors to cut clothes. Thanks to this system, it is also possible to use the garment on different body types or on the deceased who have undergone a substantial change to their usual size. From the front, the body appears to be wearing a normal classic suit.


*Biodegradable clothing has a 2 week production time. 


  • 3-buttons Suit
  • 100% biodegradable viscose certified fabric
  • New Design makes dressing of the dead body easier

* Biodegradable clothes have a production time of 2 weeks.


2 working days for Italy, 3-4 days for the islands. 2 to 5 working days for international shipments.